About spearean interactive

About us

Spearean interactive is a small company of people who are passionate about the story of Macbeth written by William Shakespeare.  We have various projects in various stages of development including a videogame version of Macbeth, a feature film and a TV series.

Writer/director Jasmin Tempest

 Long committed to bringing the stories of William Shakespeare to life, Jasmin wanted to take one of his most globally know stories, Macbeth, and bring it not just to the known suspects, the Shakespeare aficionados, but also to a new generation – the digital generation.

All this started with a question.

How do you get the digital kids to love Shakespeare as we do?
The digital kids are the young people, who text rather than talk, who type online rather than write, who read social networking sites rather than books and who play interactive games rather than watch TV or as well as watching TV.   And, if they go to the theatre, it’s at Christmas – unless they are lucky enough to have a pro-active school or interested parents.

Jasmin’s son was the example and the inspiration behind this question.  “As he got older he wanted to play endless video games, and because he’s an only child, he wanted me to play with him”, says Jasmin.  To her surprise, she found not only that videogames were a lot of fun, but also she realised just how much information her son retained from this digital input. 

But with so much fun interactive entertainment, Jasmin wondered how she would ever get her son to enjoy the stories of the world’s greatest storyteller, William Shakespeare.  “It would have been so easy to do nothing and hope that when he got to 40 he would morph into somebody interested in our cultural icon.”  One can always live in hope... Instead Jasmin decided to make a filmm a website and an APP as well as to write books and design a game.

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